One should consider several factors when selecting a car for vacation. These factors include comfort, fuel economy, reliability, space and tech features. Here is our car rental comparison of various car models. You can hire most of them anywhere. Otherwise, you can use van rental in las vegas airport.

1. Subaru Crosstrek

This is a reliable, fun and capable car with a well-rounded character. This car has amazing fuel economy ratings (33 mpg on the highway and 27 mpg in the city). It is ideal for small families that want to cover serious miles. This crossover is all-wheel drive and has an amazing ground clearance. It can go anywhere you want, on or off-road.

2. Toyota Prius

This is the best car in terms of fuel economy, with up to 58 mpg on the highway. It still offers comfort, fun and practicality and doesn’t have a plug. There have been improvements in the driving dynamics and the interior quality in the latest models. However, the Prius mainly focuses on fuel efficiency. The plug-in model enables you to drive a few more miles on electric mode without charging the battery.

3. Mazda MX-5

This two-seater sports car has an amazing 6-speed manual, balanced chassis and fantastic handling. You can feel the driving passion through the steering. The Mazda MX-5 is ideal for short trips, either solo or two people. Apart from the excellent engineering, this vehicle has high-end tech features that will keep you engaged throughout your trip.

4. Lexus LS 400

Although Lexus LS 400 has been around for some time, it stills feels modern. With a comfortable ride, amazing interior and solid reliability, this vehicle is one of the best options for family vacations. It is powered by a 4-litre V8 engine that can power a plane. Its fuel economy ratings stand at 26 mpg freeway and 19 mpg city. If you are looking for a reliable and sturdy car, this is your best bet.

5. Toyota Camry Hybrid

This mid-sized sedan has good outward visibility, sound handling and controls and a spacious interior. With a slick powertrain and quiet cabin, this car offers a comfortable and pleasant driving experience. The rear seat is spacious and has sufficient head, shoulder and leg room for three people. It is reliable, capable and safe. The crash-test results are also impressive. The overall fuel economy rating of the Camry is 38 mpg.

You need a car that is reliable, comfortable and fuel efficient for your vacation. According to our car rental comparison, the mentioned cars are the best cars to drive on vacation.