Best spring destinations in the united states

Spring is the best time to travel in that there are best prices and affordable at that, there are small crowds and the weather is perfect. During spring many destinations are at their best since the temperatures are warm and not too hot. nature is coming back to life, flowers blooming and the gardens are ablaze with wonderful colors.

After having a long winter, staying indoors with all that boring cold, spring will be the perfect vacation for you. You can get great prices and beat the crowd of tourists. Below are some of the places that can offer you a great vacation.

These places include:

1. The Las Vegas in Nevada

Nevada, specifically Las Vegas is the most popular destination during spring. This is because of its moderate temperatures and that there is less visitation to the place during spring. During the early spring, the prices of accommodations are low compared to late times of spring. During spring in Vegas, there are more events including Viva Las Vegas, NASCAR, Vegas Uncorked and not forgetting the Academy of Country Music Awards.

2. Phoenix in Arizona

Though Phoenix may be an all-around destination, the early periods of spring tend to have low prices and the temperatures are mild that is around 70’s, remember this is the end of prime time to go on vacation. At Phoenix, during summer there are added attractions like the blooming cacti and other wildflowers. The Sonoran Desert will off you an amazing ground for biking, kayaking and hiking not forgetting the phoenix’s famous and amazing golf courses.

3. The Charleston in South Caroline

You won’t believe how beautiful Charleston is during spring, the vibrant colors of the dogwoods azaleas among many other flowers blooming. The beaches with warm sand, temperatures of 60 to 70 will provide you with a perfect chance for outdoor activities. Do not forget the Piccolo Spoleto art festival which is either free or at a low cost. Activities like walking tours, shopping and museum visits are some of the ways to enjoy the vacation in Charleston in South Carolina.

4. The New Orleans in Louisiana

In spring the New Orleans kicks off with more festivals than none. There are wide food varieties, heritage, and music every week and weekends. This the time the Blue fest is held (this was first held in 1981), one of the oldest festival and also the Louisiana Pirate Festival happens during this time, the springtime. During these festivals, there are pirate-themed food, music, contests and also games.

Spring is the only time you can enjoy nature and other amazing festivals. But to fully enjoy the full benefits and an unobstructed view it will be wise to renting a car at 24. Save you time, the cost of using public transport and congestion.